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Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.”
― William Blake

>It is insufficient to say “doc, my cholesterol is high, fix me”. The only people who can “fix” patients with chronic diseases are patients themselves.

Dr. Feld, this statement is a copout. You throw the responsibility back at the patient and your hands in the air. Since you recognize that obesity is an refractory to treatment, it is easier to blame the patient to sloth and gluttony and absolve yourself.

The treatment of obesity was available 20 years ago with the combined agonists fenfluramine and phentermine. Unfortunately, these drugs were off patent and Dr. Weintraub and his colleagues didn't see the danger. When the cardiac and pulmonary problems occurred, FEN/PHEN had no advocate and its promise disappeared.

Treatments for OCD and addiction using dopamine and serotonin agonists/precursor have been described. The current protocol uses the immediate precursors levodopa and serotonin. Another duo taken together increases cerebral acetylcholine and crushes nicotine craving. Lecithin and pantothenate (vit B5) are dirt cheap and have absolutely no risk.
These simple treatments do not make money for PHARMA, in fact they are a threat to its very existence. PHARMA would be foolish not to fight against their use. In my case, they destroyed my career, reputation and life.

Tell your alcoholics, cocaine addicts and fatties that the system has failed them rather than blaming them.

I hope you enjoy the Blake quotation.

We seem to differ not only on the price of nude tennis balls (Spaldeens) in 1950 but also the solution for medical management. I hope we can converse civilly in the future for I respect the quality of your writing and the degree of intellect and trust in your motivations.

Pietr Hitzig

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