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I think that the ACOs are designed to fail and here is why. ACOs are similar to the PPOs of the 1980s and 90s in which physician groups were formed to "accept risk" from the insurance companies with the hope of a monetary reward and many went bankrupt. Accepting risk makes the physician group whether a PPO or ACO the defacto insurance company. The reason they fail is because the physician can not be both the patient advocate and the insurance company denier of care. If the physician group(ACO) denies care they will be sued and go bankrupt. If the ACO doesn't deny care they will be penalized for overspending and also go bankrupt.
When they go bankrupt the government will bail them out, but will take over all their assets, nationalizing the system a piece at a time. A private system will then not be allowed or able to reconstitute. That in my humble opinion is the end game.

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