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You and Brad have to get on "Kudlow!" The work the " Felds" are doing is substantial and tremendous!


The enormous salaries and bonuses of some health insurance executives are shameful and are a PR failure for the insurance industry. However, focusing solely on them allows the real problem to remain hidden. Until we deal with the rapidly increasing cost of medical care, premiums will continue to spiral out of control.
In their most recent survey of health insurance premiums, PriceWaterhouseCoopers illustrated very clearly that 87% of premium costs go to pay medical claims. Only 13% of premiums are allocated to administration, marketing, premium taxes and profits; with profits comprising only 3% of premiums collected.
Compare those margins to other health care related industries like big pharma, device manufacturers, diagnostinc labs, hospitals, malpractice lawyers, and yes, large medical practices.
Insurance premiums are a conduit for the cost of care. Only when we reform the payment system and pay for wellness rather than procedures will insurance premiums moderate.

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