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...and we won't be getting any healther over the next decade. While the 'reform' will increase access, a worthy objective, it is otherwise promoting stagnation or actually reversing progress. Where is the cost control in the pending legislation? Will Medicare recipients be content with less care? Will physicians still see Medicare patients with continued erosion in reimbursement, or should we cut these patients loose like the Mayo Clinic's Arizona satellite? Will defensive medicine ebb in the absence of tort reform? Will the public's appetite for expensive medical technology disappear? Will medical quality improve? If it does, it will be in spite of health care 'reform'. I think that as the public grasps what awaits them,which may take time, that there will be a backlash. My summary is that this will all cost much more than they say and deliver much less than they promise. www.MDWhistleblower.blogspot.com

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