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Any time that the government steps in, it adds to the deficit. And, it doesn't matter which government- local to federal. This "new" plan will be socialistic in nature. I fyou want ot see how it will work, just go to any VA hospital.You see who they think is best for you, appointemnts are from two to six months apart. YOu get the medicines available on their formulary, even if another medicine might be better for you. If you need surgery, you getnot only second opinions but sometime third and fourth opinions. It can take weeks just to get dentures relined (while you are without) and months if you need new ones. The co-pay is based on your income and/or your statis as a veteran (have compensation for injuries inthe service or not. this is our future.
I know; I am a veteran who has to use the VA for medical care.

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