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I would like to Thanks for the informative post. I really appreciate it. The health security for low‐income families and American seniors are threatened by the outdated formulas and exploding costs of Medicaid and Medicare. These vital programs require significant reforms to better balance value for those beneficiaries in greatest need and protection for U.S. taxpayers.
The above is just words. It almost sounds as if the federal and state government is going to be responsible for increased funding for private enterprise.
This is logical. How are they going to encourage states to adopt legal alternatives when the law makers are lawyers? When there aren’t specific legislative action points nothing gets done.
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Where is CBO’s calculation for Fraud?

Healthcare Fraud- SEC Fraud - Bankruptcy Fraud and Financial Fraud – a trail that just ended in December 2008 where Leo Wise, not at ethics CBO stated?

'Ladies and gentlemen, this is a case of staggering fraud,' Leo Wise said. 'It is one of the largest frauds the FBI has ever investigated.

RICK SCOTT - Chairman of Conservatives for Patients' Rights

July 26, 1997, Los Angeles Times article:

A controversial deal maker whose hard-nosed business tactics have reshaped the medical industry resigned Friday as scandal engulfed the vast hospital empire he had assembled over the last decade.

Richard Scott -- sometimes called "the Bill Gates of health care" – was chairman of Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. –
Columbia/HCA was a partnership of financier Richard Rainwater of Ft. Worth and lawyer Richard Scott. Scott was recently terminated by Darla Moore, the wife of Richard Rainwater amid a massive federal investigation into the Medicare billing, physician recruiting and home-care practices of the nation's largest for-profit health care company.

Columbia was the nation's largest provider of healthcare services, with facilities in 36 states, England, Switzerland and Spain. Columbia's networks include 342 hospitals, 148 surgery centers, more than 570 home health locations, and a nationwide pharmacy benefit management; A Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) is a third party administrator of prescription drug programs.

Medicare Part D? Is this government subsidized program profitable for your company- whatever the name is today- 2009?

2009-The Wall Street Journal reported that Richard Scott, "the former chief executive of HCA Inc," had formed the non-profit organization Conservatives for Patients' Rights as part of a "lobbying campaign to derail or modify" President Obama's health care proposals, but failed to note that Scott’s departure from HCA in 1997 amid a federal investigation into the company's Medicare billing, physician recruiting, and home-care practices.

While Senator Frist was the majority leader in Congress this is what was settled on the massive fraud- at his family’s empire:

HCA Inc. (formerly known as Columbia/HCA and HCA - The Healthcare Company)

Healthcare Fraud-SEC Fraud-Bankruptcy Fraud-Financial Fraud-----Some of the LARGEST FRAUD CASES in our country all stem from the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.

On Sept 8, 1998 Standard and Poors downgraded the bonds of Charter/HCA to negative bases on poor earnings.

Rainwater also owned a large stake in Magellan Health Care which controls Charter Medical.

Magellan, run by Darla Moore, is the largest network of psychiatric hospitals in the country. They are becoming more and more involved in obtaining government money for services formerly not covered as health care, according to Fortune Magazine.

Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. - the nation's largest for-profit health care company decided to sell its home health-care business
Home health - was struggling under the Balanced Budget Act of 1997- about 1,400 agencies closed nationwide in 1998.
On July 29, 1999 Medshares filed the largest corporate bankruptcy filed in the state of Tennessee.

The court utilized the DIP Finance tool. Darla Moore, the wife of Richard Rainwater and according to Fortune Magazine, was the creator of DIP Finance while at Chase Bank in late 80’s.

At Medshares, consolidation is key to its strategy of being one of the survivors of the home health shakeout. Its management company, TBN of Tennessee Inc., swallowed up the home health units of Columbia/ HCA Healthcare Corp. and Integrated Health Services in late 1998 and early 1999, only to file for bankruptcy protection for Medshares and Soleus Healthcare Services, formerly IHS Home Care, a few months later.

2002 FBI raids National Century Financial Enterprises

“This case is one of the largest corporate fraud investigations involving a privately held company headquartered in small town America,” said Assistant Director Kenneth W. Kaiser of the FBI Criminal Investigative Division.

'Ladies and gentlemen, this is a case of staggering fraud,' Leo Wise said. 'It is one of the largest frauds the FBI has ever investigated.

All of Columbia Homecare Group units were at National Century Financial Enterprises.

ONE month before GW Bush left office- All other execs at National Century Financial Enterprises were found guilty and convicted.

December 2008 - the largest fraud case FBI has ever investigated-ONE ACQUITTAL-

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