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This is a very interesting article on the new stimulus package including healthcare. I was actually very happy to hear about it and also believe in the innovations and upsides as well. But as I was blindsided and I think Obama was as well, the immediate reaction from this was the healthcare stocks dropped dramatically. It is kind of like a downward spiral for our economy. I truly hope that everything pulls together as we all are equal and we should all have decent healthcare as well.
We should all be able ask a nurse
a question from personal health questions to disease management and be able to get a straight answer without getting charged a million dollars

Everyone should have healthcare. It is the route the government is taking that will restrict access to care. Look at the ideal medical savings account. It gets the vested interest of the healthcare insurance industry and the hospital out of the system. It gives patients incentives to save money and shop wisely. The government needs to subsidize the people whole cannot afford it. It is a sliding scale subsidy. The premiums will be less, patients will be motivated, and the physicians billing overhead would vanish.

It would be nice if America would allow for everyone to have healthcare. I do not think it is anyone's right to tell someone that they can not be helped because of thier ability to pay for their medical expenses. health advocate Health Advocate

Dr. Feld,

Again you are right on target with your assessment of the sheer size and folly of the Obama Administration's Healthcare policy.

However, just comparing this debacle to a simple movie plot and you can "read between the lines" and understand the "script" at its core... (Tongue-in-cheek)!

Just like in the Star Wars Galactic saga, Obama's (Darth Vader) Healthcare Team, (The "Empire") is attempting to assemble the "Death Star", (Healthcare Reform Package) with a government-controlled and regulated healthcare services model at it's base) in an attempt to destroy the "Rebel Alliance", (The Patients, Physician's Nurses, and Healthcare Providers) who are trying to receive and deliver healthcare services respectively with constant interruption, and fear of reprisals from Empire operatives and "Sith Lords" (HHS Department Secretaries, and White House appointees) who are attempting to enfoce the Empire's wishes.

When viewed in this way it's easy to see what the final outcome might be.

Time to equip the Rebel Alliance "Fighters" (Patients and Physician's) with Ammo (Medical Savings Accounts, Health Record Banking Services) to fight the Empire's Storm Troopers (Medical Insurance Agents, and Pharmaceutical Agents).

Keep up the excellent work !

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