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Dr. Feld, What are these "ancillary services" that you speak of that NPs cannot do and are scope of practice issues? With all due respect, I think you aren't very familar with nurse practitioner practice. There are states that allow NPs to practice autonomously and most states require a collaborative relationship. In these majority of states, there is very little that NPs cannot do.

And as far as folks wanting to see a doctor and not a "healthcare provider" when they are sick: I think you are mistaken. People want care that is conveinent, high-quality and affordable. I'm going to assume that your statement isn't a slap to the 120,000+ currently practicing NPs that work in all areas of healthcare: from retail clinics to oncology units to emergency departments and critical care and so on.

There are certainly plenty of patients to go around and it is very obvious that physicians can't do it alone.

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