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Fair enough.

Raises your anxiety level, doesn't it? Being a physician is something you are "locked in" to. While no-one forces you to practice medicine, if you quit you'll have wasted about a decade of education and training.

That's an invested, sunk cost : if you could have put that level of effort into another career, you could probably make almost as much money as a physician. But you can't go back in time and reclaim your sunk investment.

Economically, I just don't see how the government can take over everything. While people complain about the state of affairs now, if the U.S. medical industry were basically a giant V.A. hospital it would be un-imaginably worse.

How would they make enough doctors go to work? My economics classes show that people respond to incentives. There is currently a growing shortage of physicians as it is.

If you significantly cut the pay of practicing physicians, many of them would work fewer hours or retire.

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