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Well, affordable Insurance is still out of reach.

Mr. Schneider read the ideal medical savings account.

Thank you for the detailed information on monthly and annual price of medicare. I did not know seniors had to spend so much.

I was disappointed because you failed provide examples of "incentives".

I am skeptical of a rational market for healthcare. The consumer does not care the price of being kept alive or maintaining quality of life. Especially when most of the cost is being paid by someone else.

The market would be more rational if their was no insurance and people were forced to pay cash on delivery.

In my mind lowering healthcare spending is pretty straight forward, either reduce the price and/or reduce the volume. If people would use less healthcare, spending would go down. Now how do we get people to use less? If you can figure that one out, then maybe you have a solution.

What is left out of this equation is the amount that is deducted from the wages of every worker, every paycheck. The actual cost is a LOT higher than claimed.

"universal healthcare... will generate shortages of physicians’ and hospital services’" why so? Is that because poor people who do not now have health care would compete for services. Whereas the current system is rationed only to people who can afford the high cost?

I believe that if all Americans would be subject to the same health care plan, we would all be incented to direct our elected officials to make the system work.

The problem with "appropriate incentives for consumers would reduce the cost of healthcare" is that we do need skilled professionals to guide our decisions. If it were a toaster or shoes, then consequences for a wrong decision are low.

But, if it is a health care decision for my daughter - the stakes are raised and I want professional help.

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