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Your article is very interesting. However, it continues to miss some major truths.

First, I am an employer and we carry group insurance from a major commercial carrier. Our individual coverage employees only pay a net of $31 per month for premium. As we sign employees up, no employee is denied based on current medical conditions. When employees give up there cell phones and cable in exchange for paying for healthcar, then I become much more sympathetic. Also, personal HSA accounts are affordable, its just a matter of personal priority.

I have always disagreed with the number calculated for the uninsured. The methodology for figuring this number is far from perfect. Any of my employees that leave our company would be counted as not having insurance even though they end up with insurance coverage via a different employer. The uninsured are not the same people every year. Lets say the 47 million number is correct for sake of argument. Those 47 million people are not the same people each year. This fact changes the argument greatly in the national debate. Most people believe its the same people every year without insurance and its growing.

May of the articles you reference are from groups that want government control of healthcare. The debate has not been honest from the traditional print and TV media.

I don't want the government (the same peopel that give me my drivers license) to be controlling my healthcare.

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