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Regardig "Giulani's" health care proposal, I want to call your attention to the fact that "his" proposal is actually Bush's proposal.

You can read the Congresional Budget Office's evaluation of it in Appendix C at this link: http://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/78xx/doc7878/03-21-PresidentsBudget.pdf

What Giuliani does not tell everyone is that this proposal would also add all employer-paid health benefits to the employees' income. Currently, as you surely know, they are deducitble to the employer but not taxed to the employee. This will fail politically, I predict.

I agree with both the post and the comments. I believe better policing the drug industry would free up alot of money as well as stop big pharma from price gouging its consumers. You know its time do do something when your citizens are filling their prescriptions from http://www.freebeeforeignpharmacy.com.

I cannot disagree with your feeling that insurance companies have hijacked the health care system. On the other hand, I have sort of come to terms with the devil... the whole idea behind insurance is the methodology to spread risk. The idea of managed care is a wonderful way to reduce cost, but given a profit incentive, there is little or no trust. Especially given the heavy-handedness of the foot soldiers.

Frankly what grass-roots groups like "Out-of-Pocket" accomplish is add transparency to the system. I would argue that price transparency at the provider level and better regulation at the insurance level would allow us to keep a market-based universal health-care system that could actually start to work...

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