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It is a huge conflict of interest for any "for profit" entity to have shareholders and be traded on the stock market then to decide what is best care to save a life. If you truly want reform all health insurance companies would at the very least non-publically traded companies, or be non-profit and all extra monies going toward lowering premiums and better reimbursement payments to physicians.

This is just a variant on the incentive withholds of the 1990s with a new twist. They discovered that they could not cut physician's salaries enough to make them practice bad medicine--except for the ones who began to drive away the sick and carve out managed care practices of Healthy Members Only to keep their numbers good---so now they are attacking the more vulnerable pocketbook, that of the patient who has already been driven near bankruptcy by high premiums and deductibles.

Insurance companies know nothing about medicine, but they know a lot about money.

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