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I,too,remember Jake the pickle man.My mother told me he would be very generous with his pickles to my uncle but not so with her.His name we found out was Jacob Sher(t)zer.He was strangled in the early 60's with socks stuffed in his mouth.I remember reading about it back then.I remember seeing 4 or 5 great danes being walked near Jake's once in a while.As kids we were terrified of them.I lived on Hoe Ave between 172nd and 173rd Sts,Moved to Bklyn in 1959.Incidentally,MeTV is showing my all time favorie TV show Car 54 Where are You.I loved hearing familiar Bronx streets being mentioned.

I have been fascinated with the story of the Bronx in general, and the Crotona Park East neighborhood in particular, and am AMAZED at how many people remember this Jake the Pickle Man. It seems he was murdered in the early 60s, as the neighborhood went into a death spiral. I've read numerous accounts of it, but have never discovered whether or not his murderer was ever apprehended. Does anyone know if they were caught?

I remember this man...we called him Jake the Meshugannah...we lived on Hoe Ave which was up the hill from Jennings Street and I used to go shopping with her...I was 5-7 years old and I hated go to visit Jake's. There was always a line and he was always yelling at people...but even after we moved my mother went back to get her pickles and sauerkraut.

Dr Feld reading this story reminded me of our own pickle man. A family in our neighborhood owned Gus's Pickles on Essex St on the lower east side. They would always bring home great pickles and tomatoes and as I got older I went to the store many times. That is one thing you don't see anymore, even in NY. A pickle man. The movie "Crossing Delancy" with Amy Irving, by the way was filmed at Gus's old store.

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