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TXU Coal Power Customers for sale at $18,750 for each baaaing sheeple head.

TXU has 2.4 million customers forced to buy power from them alone.
That's all it's got plus some aging coal plants. Oh yeah, it also has
$12,300,000,000 of debt too. Some gang is willing to pay
$45,000,000,000 to buy that mess and the only profit can come from the
sheeple with the electric noose around their necks.

Do the math and explain how each customer has to pay out of their
pockets $18,750 so that their new owners just break even on the
purchase price of themselves. (Oh yeah, there's still that $12.3
billion debt the sheeple have to pay, plus interest too.) Did somebody
say PV was going down in price?

"TXU also has about $12.3 billion in debt that likely would be assumed
by a buyer."

$45 Billion Bid for a Texas Utility in Biggest Buyout Ever
Published: February 24, 2007

Dear Dr. Feld,

You are to be commended for the way that you are bringing to light the health issues related to TXU's plans to build their fleet of new coal plants in central Texas. To add to your comment about the proven nature of IGCC, I bring to your attention the several commercial plants that are operating in Europe and Japan with quite acceptable reliability records.

Perhaps the upcoming legal reviews and growing local opposition to TXU's plans will put the brakes on the "fast track" permitting process, and send them back to the drawing board.

Harry Jaeger
Gasification Editor
Gas Turbine World Magazine

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