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The doctors and hospitals believe the patient is not spending their own money, but with my years of self insurance I have always felt the money that goes to doctors have always been my own. Even though I pay a high monthly premium, I am so frustrated after visiting a doctor, I feel it was a waste of time.
I finally went to see a physician after years of not going yesterday, and he was rude, nasty and argumentative. Now I know why
I stay away. He gave me 10 minutes and wrote nothing down and did not even give me a physical exam.

My sister had an undiagnosed pituitary tumor for 15 years, She felt hormonal but the internist thought she just needed a good diet. After 1 year from diagnosis she decided to spend whatever years she had remaining not to pursue treatment. She had 17 good years, yet she continued to pay $1400 a month for insurance. When she finally needed some care, as it turned from prolactin secreting to cortisol secreting she was denied care.

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