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Battling against obesity is not easy, but it’s not as hard as battling against
terrorism. I’m telling you base on what I am experiencing now. Ever since I was in elementary years I have always been obese, yet I don’t eat much. I just ate like other kids. Now that I finish college my physique bothers me in getting a good job and reducing the risk of getting sick. I am trying to figure out why I became this “fat”, I realize I might not be eating too much but those food that I ate were not the right ones plus my metabolism is very slow.
Battling against obesity seems easy but I’m telling you, it takes courage and faith in yourself.
One must be conscious in every food that they put in there mouth. It could either make the person healthy or sick. It’s not the teacher’s obligation, though they should teach children the right food to eat but it is still up to person himself neith to the doctor.
I am not blaming anybody, all I’m saying is we should be responsible in everything we do with our body. It’s our body and it is irreplaceable so we should learn to take care of it. I’m doing it now so can you.

Dear Karean

I congratulate you and applaud your comment.

You have emphasized that your most important asset is your health and your health is your responsibility.

If people had control of their healthcare dollar, they would solve lots of the waste, abuse, and overuse of the healthcare system. We would have a healthier population. The result is decreasing cost to the healthcare system.

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Good Topic, Dr. Feld!

However this is like blaming the failure of kids' education on teachers, schools, society, the moon and mars! Parents cannot abdicate the responsibility for kids' education.

Similarly, there is no excuse for not watching what you are eating! We can blame Kellogs, McDonalds and others but unfortunately they are not putting a gun to anybody's head.

However like you mentioned about Patient Power, this arena can also benefit from People Power! We do not buy any cereal with more than a few grams of sugar per serving! I am guessing that a lot of other parents are also doing the same. Cereal makers have started cutting down sugar and now have even Kellogs Cocoa Crispies with 1/3 less sugar as a new product!

I would say vote with your feet and wallets. Bad foods will vanish from stores and menus!

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