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Thinking wasting money is good for the economy suffers from the same problems that Communism had in practice! In a global economy, every piece of work needs to be done in the most efficient and effective way that someone else is dcapable of doing. Otherwise sooner or later it will catch up! There is no better example of this than how Toyota and Honda are taking Global and US market share away from American Car Makers for the past four decades. All by doing things in the most efficient and effective way possible, lowering costs and at the same time increasing quality and productivity. The irony and the sad thing is that they listened and adapted the teachings of American Quality Gurus like Feigenbaum, Deming and Juran. These gurus were ignored here in the U.S!

It is a shame that all these ideas to reducing costs are not being adopted!

I am guessing nothing except a total breakdown will shake American Healthcare from complacency!

Dear Nari

Great comment. I hope more citizens are getting as upset as you are.
The only way things are going to change is if the public is outraged and presents an option. I hope to present that option

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