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The healtcare system collapses because it treats -by and large- symptoms and people's lifestyles leading to societal diseases fuelled by industry eager to sell us fat, sugar and additives. Another -big- idea, empower people to live a healthy life. Translate old esoteric knowledge of healthy lifestyle into practical advice and reward people for the improvement of their lifestyles: inspires and leads to less costs. Shareholders in pharma need not to worry, they can buy other stock and have children too...

Great post and keep it up. After 44 years of perfect health, my 45th was spent with doctors, labs and hospitals ...the system is beyond Kafka. I'm no expert but I have a feeling that doctors will have to be the spearhead of change(with patients the driving force maybe?). So keep at it...please!

Great blog. Thank you.

"I was taught that when you see a pattern do not be afraid to describe it"

There is something meaningful about blogs and RSS that I've only begun to understand recently, and this post describes and exemplifies it well: you are a thinking person, putting yourself 'out there', introducing outsiders into your own world and adding depth to a discussion that matters to you and matters to society.

For me, it is writing like this that is an antidote to the superficial soundbytes that obscure possibilities for change by avoiding the "Why?" questions. I think what's finally hitting me is the fact that these conversations simply wouldn't be happening if RSS did not exist!

What you're doing is inspiring. Thanks for the great post.

Great post! My dad is a retired clinical pharmacist, so I understand where you're coming from. (I'm a 17 year old with type I diabetes, and I'm also Brad's neighbor in Alaska.) Your post is insightful and full of wisdom. Good luck.

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