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Dr. Feld, I believe you're on the right path. By getting a posse rounded up and engaged in the hunt for a solution through sharing of information, insights, and observations of constraints, we may be able to get the political 'help' needed to effect change. Are you working with Newt's group here in Atlanta (http://www.healthtransformation.net)?

Dear Walt

I know Newt and he knows me. I have presented my ideas on Disease Management to Newt when he was speaker of the house. His response was this is a "BIG IDEA" .

He was then at a meeting at Human Resource meeting and Information technology meeting at Delta Airlines a few years later, after he left congress. He loved the presentation. He invited me to visit him at his office in Washington. We went over the presentation in great detail. It was still a BIG IDEA. He told me he has quoted me often. However, I have never had followup from him nor have never been able to make contact with him since.

I have sent him the blog information. However, I suspect he has a fortress of people creating blockades between him and the ordinary people like me, and they do not know me. This information has probably never gotten on his screen.

If you know him please direct him to the site. I am convinced the concepts will excite him. He theoretically understands the problem about the dysfunction of the healthcare system in my view.

I am trying to get the main stakeholders, the patients and future patients, in mass to appeal to people like Newt. Newt could help greatly. However, it is going to take people power to turn this boat around. Coming from one person, the BIG IDEAS that will be coming will have little impact.

If you can help, it will be greatly appreciated

Stanley Feld M.D.,MACE

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