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Success covers a multitude of blunders.

You didn't post my comment, but it appears that you sent me badly formatted email with links to articles (email had several insecure featurs).

Major problem is the amount of bureaucracy – its cost.
As for price shifting, that only goes so far and won’t work in a truly free market (which US and like countries do not have, in part because working as a doctor is a restricted occupation). If there is a fairly good degree of freedom to work and to purchase the business from private individuals will go to those who avoid the money-losing Medicare sales. Private insurance has been the salvation for Medicare but increasingly those who pay the premiums are objecting. Some doctors avoid both, dealing directly with individual customers.

Reports vary as to what rates are available to directly paying individuals from doctors who do deal with Medicare/private insurance – certainly at least some dental practices charge directly paying individual customers less, but dentists seem more market oriented as fewer people have insurance.

Just remember: TINFL. Sooner or later that principle will prevail.

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