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Many people with potentially life-threatening conditions cannot afford to buy the medications and supplies that keep their illnesses under control

This is a very interesting article on the new stimulus package including healthcare. I was actually very happy to hear about it and also believe in the innovations and upsides as well. But as I was blindsided and I think Obama was as well, the immediate reaction from this was the healthcare stocks dropped dramatically. It is kind of like a downward spiral for our economy. I truly hope that everything pulls together as we all are equal and we should all have decent healthcare as well.

My question relates to the issue concerning Health Insurance in the Chronic community. What advantage would the Insurance Industry have by creating a "Chronic Medical Insurance" in a market-driven US economy?

Thanks for this excellent, informative post.

I have begun reading the pdf on diabetes, but have not yet finished it, so forgive me if my next question is answered there. I wonder if you would comment on the following point, which has puzzled me for a while.

Why are there so many people suffering from type 2 diabetes, when, so far as I understand it, it is almost completely preventable?

While it would surely be a great savings to prevent the *complications* associated with this disease, would it not be even better to prevent the disease *itself*, altogether?

This is not an abstract question for me. My brother has been warned that he is pre-diabetic. If my doctor announced to me that I was pre-diabetic, I would do everything that I could to halt the disease in its tracks. But strangely, my brother is less concerned; he continues to live a rather stressful lifestyle, does not exercise, maintains an unhealthy weight, and has a poor diet.

If people won't make an effort to stop a disease when it hasn't yet taken root, will they take the extra effort required to prevent complications to a disease once it has occurred? Perhaps a large part of our problem is that many or most people refuse to take responsibility for their own health. Maybe they are uneducated about just how much control they have, or perhaps they are in denial about it?

Dear Buddhamouse

You hit on one of the answers to repairing the healthcare system. People have to be responsible to themselve. It is a free country and we have to make free decisions. However, at our expense and not societies expense.

Education is a key element and technology and the internet are valuable resources. I will go into this in great detail as we procede.

A big questions is why are Americans getting so becoming obese when obesity is not good for you. These are all individual decisions. Increasing obesity increase the onset of Type II Diabetes.

Stanley Feld M.D.,MACE


Great post.

Here's my question.

Can the market be allowed to solve the problem? What if the cost scale for insurance was weighted based on the amount of preventative health steps one took?

What happens then?


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