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I ran into your blog through Brad's (who I had a very pleasant lunch at the Louvre with two weeks ago). I appreciate your comments but, to a great extent, I feel like they ignore the premise of insurance that healthy people subsidize unhealthy people who are, incidentally, the people least likely to be able to work and afford medical care. The other part that gets difficult is the "person with no foresight" problem, an epidemic in the U.S., I assure you; that is, what do you do with people who find it much cheaper to not buy insurance rather than buy it and then, for example, get cancer, run over by a car or appendicitis? The idea is good in theory, but in practice, most people would have a difficult time saying, "you're out of luck, buddy." I have thought long and hard about these issues and I can't think of any good answers. I don't trust the government to take my temperature, let alone administer my health insurance and I don't see private industry providing a lot of answers without 60% of the country going blind first. I'll keep tuning in. Take care.


The reason I am giving the history of why we got into this pickle will weave the solution. A clue is money talks. Free money talks louder than money you have to earn.

I think the solution will be compelling. Please hang on and it will be obvious

Stanley feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

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